Texas of the North … with the rockies next door.


Overall, Calgary is a lovely ‘midwestern’ city on the doorstep of the Canadian Rockies. Main motivation to visit were the National Parks ;).

5/18/19 – Flying over the Canadian rockies en route to Calgary


($66 / day)


May 18 2019 – June 1 2019
14 Days


We stayed at an Airbnb:


I was really bad about taking photos of food, but honestly the food scene in Calgary, although good, is on a significantly lower level than other cities visited thus far. Hence, quite a few of my meals were cooked at the bnb.

DateNameTypeGoogle Maps
5/19Van SonVietnamese
5/20Jerusalem ShawaramaMediterranean
5/21Calan Beef Noodle
Mango Mania
5/22Cluck N’ CleaverFried Chicken
5/23Cooked at bnb
5/24Ramen ArashiRamen
5/25Junk food (Banff)
5/26Junk food (Banff)
5/27Rau Bistro
Szechuan Restaurant
5/28Cooked at bnb
5/29Cooked at bnb
5/30AnjuKorean Fusion
5/31Velvet CafeSandwich / Coffee


Downtown / City

Although more populated (metro) than Vancouver, the city is much more spread out and doesn’t feel crowded at all (surbubia). The downtown while wandering around was mostly empty.

5/22/19 – Downtown Calgary

The surrounding parts of the city have ample space and parks to wander around with little to no folks.

5/29 – View from Rose Hill Park

Banff – Day 1

If you don’t like the outdoors, then Calgary probably isn’t for you. This was the main reason for us to come to Calgary and the National Parks did not disappoint. Very glad we came right at the beginning of the summer season as it was just starting to get crowded however once you get away from Banff town, crowds died down quite a bit.

  • Driving in
  • Johnston Canyon Hike

Banff / Jasper – Day 2

  • Drive to Jasper and back with many many stops

Banff – Day 3

  • Sulfer Mountain Hike

Slightly challenging but this was probably the highlight of the trip for me. This hike was amazing the entire way with views that only get better the more I climbed. Summit, although crowded because of the Banff gondola with cafe as well, is well worth a visit for 360 views. (Free if you hike :))


Public transportation is not all that great. We mostly used Car2G0 with car rentals for trips to Banff/Jasper. Also Uber/Lyft is available but a little pricey.


As I mentioned before, the national parks are what made the trip worth it. Otherwise, city and some UNESCO heritage sites could be knocked out in a few days. We didn’t get a chance to go to the Dinosaur Park, however read good things about that.