Nothing is certain in London but expense.

William Shenstone

So its been about a month since we started our little break and we’re back … out and about. First stop is London! For all my travels, I’ve never actually visited any part of the UK which was a large motivator to come visit. I just didn’t see it being all that different from cities like NYC, Chicago, Paris, or Berlin … and guess what … imo it wasn’t … however what made it worth it was Wimbledon and the Cricket World Cup, both occurring at the same time around the same place!


($153 / day)

Ok … so this was by far the most expensive city we have traveled to thus far (But was expected).


July 6 2019 – July 20 2019
14 Days


We stayed at an ApartHotel:

Would NOT recommend staying this far from the city, but since we came during the busy season, couldn’t really find anything affordable closer to the city. Also crazy loud next to a train station … yea try to avoid that. (Try to avoid coming in peak season like we did)


DateNameTypeGoogle Maps
7/7Bang Bang Food Hall
Liberty Bounds
English Pub
7/8Wimbledon Junk Food
7/9Shroyu RamenJapanese
7/10Master’s SuperfishFish n Chips
7/111Mudmee ThaiThai
7/12Salt and PepperEnglish
7/13Bang Bang Food HallChinese
7/14The MinoriesEnglish Pub
7/15Tapas BrindisasSpanish Tapas
7/16Pieburry CornerEnglish Pies
7/17Bang Bang Food HallChinese
7/18The Tea Terrace
Busaba Thai
Afternoon Tea
7/19Cooked at bnb



Ok, this was pretty much the highlight of the visit … if this was the only thing I did my entire time here, it would’ve been worth it. Although I had have to queue up for tickets, it was totally worth it in the end … spending the day at such a historic tennis tournament … nothing like it.

Old London Walking Tour

Walking tour is something I usually will do in any European city that’s never been visited. Good way to take in the common sites and learn a bit about the history.

Museum Galore

British Museum

In total, I believe we visited 7 museums. One of London’s best offers, its FREE! And there are a shit ton! I’m not exactly a museum person but even I have to admit, they have MANY of cool artifacts, art pieces, and exhibits.

Lord’s Cricket Ground Tour

I grew up with cricket and have played quite a bit of it in my life, and Lord’s being the home of cricket to the world and also possibly the nicest cricket ground I have ever seen … this was long ago added to my itinerary for visiting London. It was totally worth it!

Cambridge Day Trip

Train to Cambridge
King’s College Chapel

It was cool to check out such a prestigious school, but it was quite touristy imo. Avi visited Oxford and said it was more crowded with tour groups than this one. Cool things but literally everything cost money to checkout unlike London.


Oyster card & National Rails Service! Public transportation at its finest … but again like most things here, very pricey.


London was nice to visit but as I noted at the beginning of this post, its like most other cities with older architecturally ‘significant’ buildings at a higher cost. Europe in general has more to offer outside of London ;).

Come for the Museums, Sporting Venues, and Pubs. Good place to visit but not stay long term 😉

Also avoid the peak season like we did.